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Dear OLPH,

Last week, we welcomed our Bishop, Most Reverend David O’Connell to celebrate our centenary anniversary with us! He offered a wonderful mélange of comparisons between 1919 and 2019, showing how far the world has come. At the same time, he encouraged us in our steadfast mission to spread the Gospel and be united to our Lord in the holy Sacraments. The liturgy was phenomenal, especially the music. And then we went to lunch! And, as they say, “A good time was had by all!” It was a splendid event! And Blessed Mother Mary held off the rain until 3:15pm. Thank you Our Lady of Perpetual Help! A heartfelt thanks to all volunteers, donors, sponsors and friends who made the day so splendid and meaningful. Chapeau to you!

It is now time to move toward our new Sunday Mass schedule.  Over the next few weeks, we will be voting on the new Mass times. Please fill out the postcards around church. One vote per family, and no ballot “stuffing.” We seek to get a broad sense of what will work best for our parish moving forward.

Some info for your consideration. We have been collecting data since September, 2018 on weekly attendance. These tallies show us:                                

5:00 pm is our most popular Mass, 30% of total, between 170 and 285 people.

10:30 am is 2nd best attended with 20% of the total, between 145 and 330 souls.

12:00 pm follows 3rd with 19%, ranging from 95 to 170 people.

9:00 am is 4th with about 17%, which is between 90 and 160 souls.

7:30 am is the least well attended Mass, with 14%, meaning about 70-120 people.

Our beautiful parish church (which Bishop loved!) accommodates 600 or more people. We have a large, spacious, and stately worship space. Our first goals for worship are vibrancy, greater community and more energetic praise raising up to our loving God! Second , we also seek to use our volunteers best. We want to honor their time and commitment by not repeating the celebration unnecessarily. Third , fewer priests will continue to be our reality until our parish sends young men to the seminary to study for the sacred priesthood.

In consultation with staff and many dedicated parishioners, we seek your input on two options:

3 Masses two hours apart : (A) 8am, 10am and noon. This schedule gives more time in between the Masses, for parking and socializing. It is welcome for the priest celebrant to catch his breath, and covers almost the same span of time. Our “Family Mass” would be the 10am.

3 Masses 90 minutes apart : (B) 8:00am, 9:30am and 11:00am. This schedule covers the “heart of the lineup” more tightly, but would be a bit more challenging for one priest celebrant. In this case, our “Family Mass” would take place at 11am.

Please pray over these options and cast your vote. We will be voting over the next weeks. A decision will be made in the beginning of July and the new Mass Schedule will take effect on September 1, 2019 (Labor Day Weekend).

During this month of June, dedicated to the Sacred Heart, please pray to Our Lady of Perpetual Help in a special way, that she will guide the hearts of all into the Heart of her Son. Moreover, pray that all members of our parish family will continue to make our parish their spiritual home in the midst of these changes.

With much love and my blessing!

Fr. Joel Wilson

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