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Dear OLPH,

Last week we introduced our first Message Series here at OLPH, “Prayer and Priorities.” We heard Jesus’ powerful twofold admonition, “One’s life does not consist of possessions.... [be] rich in what matters to God.” Prayer - that deep friendship with God - helps us to recognize what is of true value.

This week (Lk 12:32-48) Jesus builds the case, “Sell your belongings and give alms. Provide money bags for yourselves that do not wear out, an inexhaustible treasure in heaven that no thief can reach nor moth destroy. For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.” Those last haunting words: where your treasure is, there your heart will be. How deeply do our hearts long for heaven?

The way we handle our treasure is a sign of what is important to us. Just recently, our parish received a wonderful sign of our generosity. The Diocese of Trenton sent us $4,334.00, our bi-annueal rebate check for the Faith to Move Mountains Campaign. Families in our parish (121 in total) committed to contributing $165,107 to that important long-term endowment campaign for the Diocese, so that our future may be fiscally sound and strong. Thus far, $106,323 has been given and twice a year, we receive a rebate check. We receive 30% as a rebate. Thank you so much for your generosity! It is a sign of where your heart is, and it reaffirms where your priorities lie.

These funds are restricted. These monies are reserved for the church pews: refinish, clean or replace cushions, and install book holders, as promised in the campaign. One estimate for new pew cushions was about $60,000. In order to begin this worthy project, we will need some additional funds. Should you discern to make a gift, please write on the check or envelope: Pew Refurbish. Thank you so much

Echoing my thanks, I share the words of Michelle Chiosso, who would also like to say, “Thank you!”

When Father asked for reflections about what it means to be a part of OLPH parish, I saw this as an opportunity to say thank you. I have been a member of OLPH since birth. My husband, myself, and our two sons attended OLPH grammar school. As an adult I was an active participant in many parish and PTA committees. Some of you may remember the parish picnics at Liberty Lake, family square dances, roller-skating in Nolan Hall, and mother's morning. Our main goal was always inclusion, welcome, and belonging.

My family was fed spiritually at OLPH. Receiving our Sacraments was foremost. All our important milestones were celebrated at our church. How wonderful it is for children to be in a place where they can pray. A special memory for me is when my sons were in eighth grade and had a role in the living stations. I was also involved in parish religious education (PREP) for around forty years. I pray that I made a positive impact on some of my students. I stressed to them that they could be missionaries right in their own community by treating others with care and respect.

By being involved in the planning of the 100th birthday party it made me reflect on the impact OLPH has had on my life. Many close relationships were formed, wonderful educators came into our lives, and a positive extension of my family was formed. May God bless each of us as we continue to pass OLPH'S legacy from generation to generation. - Michelle Chiosso

Truly, that is my prayer as well. May God bless our people for continuing to hand on the legacy of a life lived for the Gospel, by that I mean, a life that truly points to where our hearts and our treasure can be found.

May God bless you for your generosity!

Fr. Wilson

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