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COVID-19 Updates

from fathers desk

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

For the next three weeks we are pausing from our Message Series. Be on the lookout for “Harvest Principle” beginning Oct 24th!

This pause gives us a chance to catch up in another way. Many questions have been percolating and there is much good news to share with you. Today I will focus on our campus. Please pass along this good news, since good news travels fast.

First for a school update: when we shut down for COVD in March 2020, we had no idea our school would not reopen before June. In those first months, people were extra careful. Our building was not left in a state to be used for other purposes. Much work had to be done. So far, we have held two clean up days and a garage sale, not to mention preparations for those events. One of the highlights of our garage sale: entrusting 30 computers, keyboards, etc to a man preparing a container to send to Africa. It is heartwarming to know even older machines will find a useful second life for children who have never even seen or used a computer. The work continues. We are in the process of envisioning what our 21 classrooms could be used for. If you have suggestions, please come see me. The building costs about $100,000 a year for the basics, so using our resources well will be essential.

Second rectory update: over the past year, we have slowly been revamping our rectory offices. Many helpers deserve special thanks. Long overdue, some of the wiring was still knob and tube! We are expanding our offices to the second floor which will allow for a conference room and comfy meeting space on the first floor. We still need to complete HVAC work and flooring and then to continue the work on the first floor. If you would like a tour, please stop by the office and we will show you around! So far, a hidden good work, it is time to shine the light on more good news.

Third Nolan Hall: Our Knights sold the Maple Room during the pandemic. We welcome them to our campus and hope that many of the dinners and events held in the hall can be held in our Nolan Hall. Our kitchen needs some help. We have redone the back room, ceiling, lighting, electric and paint. Now it is time to work on the front room. We are in the process of moving the Knights stove down into Nolan Hall and outfitting the kitchen. This is a work that requires expertise, if you have some, please step forward. Do not forget the technology upgrades to Nolan Hall that include sound and a large screen for simulcasting. Our Confirmation program uses these beautiful setups about every week.

Fourth Church Ramp: we recognize that the ramp needs work. With our Buildings and Ground committee, we have decided either a) to replace boards with plastic wood (TREX or another brand) or b) to remove the ramp and install a vertical elevator. Things are in process. We appreciate your patience. This is top priority for us. A revised ramp would be cheaper overall, but the elevator means many fewer steps for those with limited mobility and the freedom to walk all the way around our campus, both advantages although at higher cost and more long-term maintenance.

Those are our building updates that are completed or in process.

Over the course of these last several months, we have also initiated Small Group Faith

Sharing, the best to grow our faith among our parish family. We have also adapted our PREP (CCD) religious education into a Family Catechesis Model and expanded our Confirmation Program. John will be sharing more about this in the weeks to come.

We are looking forward to the return of some classic OLPH events like Trunk or Treat, as well as CYO basketball this fall. Your presence and participation in the life of our parish is appreciated.

More updates next week! Please spread the good news of what is happening in our parish. We would love for you to join us in this journey together with the Lord

Yours in Christ,
Fr. Joel Wilson