From Father's Desk

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This weekend we celebrate the last Sunday of the church year, Christ the King of the Universe. Next Sunday already is the first Sunday of Advent! But today we are focused on Christ Jesus as King, as Lord, as Sovereign of the whole universe. Immediately we each ask ourselves whether Jesus is Lord in my life and in my heart. If Jesus truly is ruler of all, then it is time to reaffirm that He is king of our hearts.

This week we wrap up the Harvest Principle Series. Over the past 5 weeks we have probed the reality that we reap what we sow. For better or worse, the seeds we plant in our lives and families and community, will bear fruit. I have enjoyed this message because of its emphasis on the living reality, the organism. Things are in motion; either we are growing, or we are dying; nothing is stagnant, and not just in one area of life but many areas. We cultivate the good and weed out the bad, all as the days pass and the seasons change. Even since we began this series the weather has shifted, and the bite of the winter wind has arrived.

Today I have a special appeal for you. An anonymous parishioner has recognized God’s goodness and generosity. He has stepped forward and said that he wants to pass it along, and he wants other people to do the same. So, we have a beautiful opportunity to raise funds for much needed improvements around campus. As we raise funds, this person will match up to $25,000. So, if we all pitch in to make a generous gift, each of our gifts will be doubled, up to a total of $50,000. Anything we raise over that will not be matched unless another parishioner comes forward ;).

This generous act helps us to see concretely that you reap what you sow, but it is always greater. In this case, double what we may have expected. I have been really humbled by this experience. Remember that not everything in our lives is a result of what we've sown for ourselves. We have inherited so much from our ancestors, those who have sown seeds before us. And we also have the chance to pay it forward, to set our parish on solid footing for the mission ahead, namely, building up the body of Christ, in our little corner of the world.

As you can probably imagine, during the past two decades, many projects had been deferred. It is time now not for patch jobs but really to set ourselves up to grow and thrive in the years ahead. See the campaign details in the bulletin, but I am so excited by the prospect of having a commercial kitchen so we can host parish gatherings and events in Nolan Hall. Our ramp is in a sorry state, and it is time to replace it with a vertical lift, which is a better overall solution. Our rectory office building dates to 1930 and it needs various upgrades to be useful to our parish in the years to come.

Please join in this campaign, whether with a gift of $50 or $5000, each family sharing with our larger parish family in the way God has blessed them. We reap what we sow, always later and always greater. On the beautiful Solemnity of Christ, the King of the Universe, I invite you to share the harvest you have reaped, and sow good seeds for our future as a parish family together.

Yours in Christ my King,
Fr. Wilson