From Father's Desk

Dear Parish Family,

We are approaching our parish feast day and I cannot wait to celebrate with you! Preparations are well underway. Here are the details in case you missed them. Saturday June 25th at 5pm, we worship God with an outdoor Mass in the gardens. And then all are invited to share fellowship together.

First, we break the eucharistic bread together. We worship God. We nourish ourselves spiritually. (Also, this is a special year of eucharistic revival; more on that later!) And then we break the common bread together. First the eucharistic bread which feeds the spirit, then the common bread which feeds the body. And our spirits are nourished too by sharing fellowship, by passing the time, by smiles and stories and just being together.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own picnic supper - whatever you would like to feast on, but drinks, desserts and hotdogs will also be provided. We do not want anyone who comes unprepared to feel unwelcome. Plus, everyone has room for a hotdog or two after dinner, right? ;)

Officially, the Feast Day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is June 27th. We have special permission to transfer the feast as it is a “local solemnity” - being Mary is our patroness under that title. So cool! That word “feast” has its roots in the Latin word, festus. Words like festive and festivity derive from the same root. Even the name Festus. Merriment, celebration, a joyful occasion with food are integral parts of the notion. So we hope you will join us and invite your friends! A feast is especially festive when everyone gathers around the table.

Spiritual preparations can begin now. There is a  Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual  Help  which begins June 19th (Sunday) and concludes on June 27th. Of course, you can pray the novena any way you see fit, even at other times of the year, calling upon the aid of our Mother and Patroness. As your pastor, I can only encourage you to place your trust and confidence in Mother Mary as her son Jesus does.  The novena  is a great method whenever we have special need of aid. (I would bookmark that link!)

So together, let us prepare for the feast. I would invite you to begin by praying for good weather; everyone can pray for good weather, and we can all pray for a beautiful festive celebration of our parish. Next, please consider pitching in to make the day a success. Sat June 18 at 11am for site prep. Sat June 25 at 11am for set up. And after the feast, staying a bit later to help put things away. Those are the three main times to assist.

Third, who would you like to feast with? Invite a friend. Now is really the time to expand the circle of those who call OLPH home, and a great occasion for invitation and welcome is our feast.

Let's celebrate our parish  and our patroness together. I invite you to come to the feast! Yours,

Fr. Joel Wilson