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Dear OLPH,

God is the Creator of all that is, everything visible and invisible. The Father is the origin of everything, yet creation is the work of the whole Trinity. Creation occurs through the Son by the power of the Holy Spirit. As John teaches, “All things came to be through him, and without him nothing came to be,” (1:3). Father, Son and Spirit “work” together, each in a way appropriate to himself, to create. I say “work” because God creates merely by speaking his word: “Let there be light, and there was light” (Gn 1:3). In the effortlessness of this moment (just a word!) we gain a dim sense of his absolute power. With just an utterance, all creation begins. Creation is awesome -- jaw-dropping.

Why did God create? All creation was made for the glory of God. Now, creation does not increase God’s glory. God is perfect. Creation does not add to God’s greatness. Impossible. As St. Bonaventure teaches, creation manifests and communicates his glory. Yes, creation exists to make present the glory of God. “To whom?” we might ask. Manifestation of glory requires recognition. If creation exists so that God’s glory may be made known, it has to be known by someone. That is where we come into play. That is why we are the summit of God’s creative work, why on the sixth day, he found our creation very good .

Gazing heavenward upon the billions of galaxies, it is hard to believe that it is all for us, but maybe it helps to recognize that all of creation was made as a showcase for God’s magnificence. I recount this primer on creation in order to help us recognize the absolute givenness of life . Life is a gift. We do not bring ourselves into the world and we do not take ourselves out of the world. Our lives are given to us, and we exist to recognize the Goodness of our Creator, to cry “Oh God you do good work!!”

Yes, life is a gift, maybe the greatest gift that our parents share with us, unless you count the gift of Faith which makes life what it is really supposed to be: a song of thanksgiving back to God, a return of all we have been given. The gift of life received from our parents is theirs to give but not wholly theirs to give. We teach that parents are co-creators with our Creator. Life is given from the Trinity and this gift is passed on through our parents.

When we adopt the long view of creation, from the Trinitarian perspective, we train ourselves to see reality more as God sees it. Since the Trinity is the beginning of everything, it is always very good to begin from the Trinity. When we begin from a crisis pregnancy, from a choice between woman or child, our vision can be blurry. And when we begin from a terminal illness and the desire to end the pain, the choices can become messy.

Right now in NJ, our state government is debating the “Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act,” A-1504 . Passed twice by the Assembly, but stalled in the Senate. Governor Christie opposed the bill but people are hopeful that Governor Murphy – although he has not made public comment – will be more receptive. The time is now to make our voices heard. I am serious when I say, write your state senators and assembly-persons.

Senator JAMES BEACH 1309 Route 70 West, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 (856) 429-1572. Assemblyman LOUIS D. GREENWALD 1101 Laurel Oak Rd., Suite 150, Voorhees, NJ 08043 (856) 435-1247.

Assemblywoman PAMELA R. LAMPITT 1101 Laurel Oak Rd., Suite 150, Voorhees, NJ 08043 (856) 435-1247.

Life is a gift from the Trinity. We do not bring ourselves into the world and we do not take ourselves out of the world. Doing so is playing God.

With glory for our Creator,

Fr. Wilson


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