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Computer Technology

Technology is a tool that is integrated throughout the curriculum at all grade levels. Students in grades K-4 have one scheduled computer class per week. They learn proper use of lab and classroom equipment, correct terminology, introductory keyboarding techniques and word processing skills. In addition, primary grade students work with software programs and appropriate internet sites to develop reading, writing, research and creative problem solving skills.

Students in grades 5-8 have two scheduled computer classes per week, providing time for instruction and independent work. Students in these grades further develop keyboarding and word processing skills. Research skills, including efficient search and critical evaluation techniques, are developed using encyclopedia/atlas software, and the Internet. These are used for projects in all subject areas. Students use spreadsheets and databases to organize information, and to generate graphs showing their findings. Presentation software allows students to organize and creatively display what they’ve learned. Student projects in all grades are planned in conjunction with classroom teachers, so that students are applying their computer skills to authentic learning activities.

An ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY governs the appropriate use of the school’s computer and internet services. An agreement to abide by the Acceptable Use Policy must be signed each year by every student and staff member in order to access the computer network.

World Language – Spanish

The Spanish teacher provides a sequential course of study throughout the grade. Follow up activities reinforce and enrich skills between weekly instructional sessions. Classroom and school wide activities allow opportunity for exploration of world cultures so that students develop an appreciation of cultural heritage.

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Physical Education

Our Physical Education Curriculum exemplifies our fundamental commitment to the total child. The program provides activities to build strength, endurance, and agility while developing interpersonal skills, sportsmanship, a spirit of healthy competition, and a lasting interest in physical fitness. Age appropriate exercises enable students to achieve their physical potential, enjoy sports as both spectators and participants, and develop a productive balance between cooperative and competitive attitudes. Presidential National Fitness awards are given to students who accomplish the goals for this program.


Recognizing that music’s power is both before and beyond words, we focus on its universality in our curriculum. The natural expression of music is a joyful response in song and movement. While music expresses what language cannot, we do offer an organized approach to the study of the elements of music, including style, rhythm, and instrumentation. An examination of the social, cultural, and historical values of music complements technical instruction. Students build confidence and self-esteem through group and solo singing, and assembly performances. Through their participation in liturgical music, students proclaim their Catholic identity and heritage.

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To experience the process over the product is the goal of our art program. Students enjoy the journey in making a work of art, and appreciate the beauty in all works of art, both those in museums as well as God’s art work in their lives. Young artists are encouraged to revel in their individuality - and the individuality of others. Their creations are seen as personal expressions not to be judged, but enjoyed. Student works are displayed at the annual Art Show.


Electives are offered each trimester to grades 5-8. Students select three different electives for the year. Electives are offered once a week in an 80 minute block and choices include Debate, Culinary Arts, Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM), Photography, Journalism, Coding, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Guitar Ensemble, ASL, Drama, and Creative Writing.

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