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Throughout the summer, this column will highlight these wonderful voices of our parishioners as we live our 100th year as a parish family, and as we try to drink more deeply of the wonder that is OLPH Church and School. I invite you to write and submit something to me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.): a poem, a memory, a story, a glimpse of the communal life we have been sharing as the Body of Christ here in Maple Shade. God bless you!

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Dear OLPH Families, I am sharing the article below because it reminded me of the busy lives I know you lead trying to keep up with all that goes into parenting young children. You may have the best of intentions, then life happens! As the author tells us, “the messiest moments of family life become sacred pathways to Heaven.” Enjoy every moment. It goes by far too quickly!

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genesis logo405x103Parent Portal is open. The portal will remain open all summer so parents can access report cards, however, once rollover is complete, grade 8 graduates will no longer be on parent accounts because they are no longer officially students in the school. If parents of eighth grade students want to print extra report cards, they must do so before the portal closes for rollover.

Rollover is scheduled for June 28. NOBODY (school personnel or parents) will be able to access Genesis from 4:00 pm June 26 until 4:00 pm June 29.


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amazonYour Amazon purchases can now help support our PTA who, in turn, support our school. Use this link when you shop to support our Amazon Smile initiative!

videoclipCheck out our Biology elective and our Mad Science videos. Biology is just one of the many electives we offer to students in grades 5 through 8! Mad Science offers after-school workshops for grades K through 8.

trentonThe Monitor is one of Bishop O'Connell's primary ways of preaching the Word of God, making it a very valuable tool for families to read together. Reading The Monitor allows families to stay current with what is going on around the diocese. Visit to read highlights of stories that are being covered.

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