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Welcome to our Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)

~ After filling out all forms in the packet and gathering ail documentation, please call the PREP office at 779-7529 ext. 223 to make a registration appointment. The appointment will last 15-45 minutes, depending on individual circumstances. Your child does not need to attend this appointment. If you are not currently a registered member of the parish you will also be registered in the parish at this appointment.

~ Tuition is due at time of registration.

~ If there are any custodial issues, please bring a copy of all court documents to the registration appointment.

~ To ensure classroom piacement and adequate supplies, we ask you register on or before Thursday, August 22nd. Any child registered after August 22nd may be placed on a waiting list until dassroom space becomes available.

~ In order for your child to begin dass on September 18th, the first night of classes, the registration process must be completed by Wednesday, September 11th at 1:00pm. Any child registered after that date and time will not be eligible to begin class until September 25th.

~ If you are not using all of the forms in the envelope, piease keep them and return them to the PREP office.

~ 1f your child is not yet baptized or baptized in another religion they may still enroll in PREP. We will work with you to ensure your chiid may receive all of their sacraments.

~ If you have any additional questions, please call the PREP office at 856-779-7529 for assistance. Our summer hours are by appointment only.

Please fill out and submit all of the following Forms for PREP Registration:

Census Form: Please fill out this form if you are currently not an active member of OLPH Parish. This form is two sided and registers your family in the parish. List all members of your family on the form, whether or not they will be enrolling in PREP.

Student Registration Form: Fill out one per family. Only list your children who will be registering in the program, 1st grade through 8th grade. You must attach a copy of each child's Baptismal Certificate to this form.

Tuition Payment Form: Tuition is due at the time of registration.

Confidential Medical information Form: Fill one out for each child you are registering. This form will help give your child the best possible classroom environment. This form will also be used in case of an emergency and 911 needs to be called.

Student Development Form: Fill out one for each child you are registering. This form will help give your child the best possible classroom environment.

Emergency Contact Information: Please fiil out one form for your family.

Volunteer Oppurtunities Form: Please fill out one form for your family. Our program can't run without the help of volunteers who are wiiling to share their time, talents and treasures. Training, support and materials are provided.

Attendance Policy: Please fill out one form for your family.

Download Registration Forms Here:

Returning PREP Students Registration Forms

NEW PREP Students Registration Forms 

Tuition Payment 2019-2020

Grades 1-8 Tuition

$110 (1 child)
$210 (2 children)
$310 (3 children)
$410 (4 or more children)

Reconciliation/First Eucharist: $40 per child

Confirmation: $50 per child