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COVID-19 Updates

from fathers desk

christeningWe are delighted to welcome you and your child for baptism on the second Sunday of the month, either during or after the noon Mass. To prepare for this special day, please attend our Baptism Class. Call the parish office for more details and to make arrangements.

Please call the Parish Office Executive Assistant Theresa McCloskey at 856-667-8850 ext 210 as early as possible to make the necessary arrangements.

Godparent/Sponsorship Qualifications

Before choosing a Godparent or Sponsor, consider whether the person can actually perform the job, which requires (at a minimum)  a baptized Catholic adult who is actively practicing the faith.  A godparent/sponsor is supposed to pray for and support by word. The parish office will be checking the Mass attendance of registered parishioners who request to be a godparent or sponsor.


Saturday, Dec. 14th | 10am | OLPH School

The class is for parents expecting their first child or who have recently given birth to their first child. This is mandatory for Baptism to take place. Call Theresa (856) 667-8850 ext. 210 to register.

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